City Of Rab 

The town of Rab has a long history. It was mentioned 10 BC in an old Roman document by the Roman emperor Octavian Augustus proclaims municipium and gives him independence. Shortly afterwards the town earns the epithet FELIX (happy), which shows that it was a developed and civilized city, whose inhabitants enjoyed the running water, baths, theaters, temples, streets and many other benefits..

If we enter the city through one gate, eg, Golden Gate, we will be at the wonderful  upper street. Right, according to exit the park Komrčar the lookout for the old tower and church of cv. Christopher - patron of the island, now a lapidary, and left the street, with its churches and four towers. From the monastery and church of St.. John the Evangelist, exquisite Romanesque basilica, remained Romanesque bell tower, the foundations and parts of columns aisled church. Next to the ruins of the old basilica of St.. John the Evangelist, stands the Church. Weeping Cross where, according to records a miracle happened, the cross cried 

The square of liberty is steeple and church of St. Justine, raised by the Benedictine convent in the XVI century, and now in the function of religious art museum. Not far from St. Justine is the church and bell tower of St. Andrew, together with the monastery of Benedictine nuns. The three-nave church was built in Romanesque style with a beautiful baroque altar. The bell tower is from the 1181st and the oldest bell tower in Rab. At the upper end of the street, the monastery was built on a cliff that drops precipitously into the sea, stands the Church of the Assumption, ex chatedral. Construction began in 1118 years, devoted her 1177th by Pope Alexander III.

It is a magnificent Romanesque basilica, and attention drawn to the altar with the ciborium from the VIII. century, late Gothic choir stalls and the statue. Christopher from XII. The bell tower of the basilica is detached from the church dominates the town and is one of the most beautiful late Romanesque buildings in our country. Mention the Church of St. Francis, which is located near the local cemetery, with which it was built in the monastery of the Franciscan Third Order (Glagolitic). In Kampor is known  the Franciscan Monastery and Church of St. Euphemia. They were founded in 1446th year. There are valuable museum and gallery Fr Amrozi Testen.

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